“What will the price of Bitcoin be on date…?”

2 min readFeb 1, 2024

It seems like a question that most everyone involved with or interested in cryptocurrency as an investment class asks or has an opinion about.

There was a recent CoinGecko analysis post promoting Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2024 from notable investment firms.

Many people follow and listen to these firms projections, however, anyone can get involved and prove their price prediction abilities!

To this end we created Trade Lizard.

Trade Lizard logo
Trade Lizard Logo

Trade Lizard is a skill based game in which anyone can try to predict (or guess) what the price of Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency asset will be in the future. Your username and prediction are saved with a timestamp of when you made the prediction. So you will have proof of your precognition, predictive powers!

Trade Lizard is free and easy to play, doesn’t take long and requires no crypto skill or special insider knowledge, maybe you’ll even win!

So, if your a crypto fan or investor and looking for some hobby type fun or entertainment feel free to join us to rack up some wins!

Trade Lizard | Prediction skill game, crypto asset markets
Trade Lizard | Prediction skill game, crypto asset markets

Trade Lizard
Cryptocurrency asset price forecast game.